Free Time Maintenance™ & Monitoring Program

Running a successful business as an owner or manager is a journey laden with both triumphs and challenges.

Yet, one challenge that tends to tip the balance unfavorably is the relentless demand for your time.

The more your business flourishes, the more you find yourself entangled in maintenance issues and unexpected disruptions.

This leaves you trapped in a cycle that drains your energy, hampers your growth, and robs you of the very freedom you sought when you embarked on this journey.

Herein lies the predicament: How can you maintain a thriving business while also enjoying the free time you envisioned?

The answer arrives in the form of Advantage Refrigeration’s innovative solution: The Free Time Program™.

Through strategic preventative maintenance, this program revolutionizes the way you manage your business.

It doesn’t just solve the issue – it redefines the entire equation, guiding you from the quagmire of stress to the pinnacle of success while freeing up the valuable hours you deserve.

This transformational approach will help you to break free from the harried hamster wheel and embrace the fulfilling life you’ve always imagined!

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    Unlocking Productivity: The Power of Preventative Maintenance in The Free Time Program

    In the dynamic landscape of modern business ownership and management, the concept of achieving more free time while maintaining a successful operation might seem like a distant dream.

    However, with the innovative approach of The Free Time Program™, this dream becomes a tangible reality.

    Traditional approaches to maintenance often fall into a reactive pattern, where businesses address issues as they arise. The Free Time Program™ breaks this cycle by advocating for a proactive maintenance plan.

    By meticulously planning and scheduling maintenance tasks, you can not only prevent unexpected disruptions but also unlock the hidden potential of free time.

    Through a comprehensive process that aligns your business goals with a structured maintenance strategy, the program empowers you to steer your business with efficiency, confidence, and the luxury of time.

    The integration of preventative maintenance isn’t just a technical enhancement; it’s the cornerstone of a lifestyle where professional success harmonizes seamlessly with personal fulfillment.

    Transform Your Business: The Free Time Program's Strategic Approach to Preventative Maintenance

    The Free Time Program™ recognizes that the key to elevating your business’s efficiency lies in the strategic implementation of preventative maintenance.

    While traditional maintenance approaches might focus on fixing problems as they arise, this innovative program takes a holistic approach that prevents issues from occurring in the first place, allowing you to channel your energy into higher-level responsibilities.

    With a well-maintained business, you can confidently focus on strategic decisions, nurturing client relationships, and, most importantly, embracing the rewards of a life enriched with free time.

    From Stress to Success: How Preventative Maintenance Fuels the Free Time Program™

    The path from stress to success in the realm of business ownership and management is often riddled with challenges, uncertainties, and the constant pressure to balance multiple responsibilities.

    The traditional narrative of maintenance often involves scrambling to fix issues after they’ve already disrupted operations.

    The Free Time Program™ understands this journey intimately and introduces a game-changing element: preventative maintenance, including commercial refrigeration repair.

    By integrating this strategic approach, the program becomes a catalyst for transforming stress into success, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of both a thriving business and a life brimming with free time.

    Eric Greenstien
    Eric G.
    16:08 26 Mar 24
    Knowledgeable staff and great service!
    Ajay Mali
    Ajay M.
    05:05 26 Mar 24
    Using their services for almost 2 years now and find them very fair, reasonable, and reliable
    Tariq Taliani
    Tariq T.
    20:17 05 Oct 23
    Ryan is awesome to deal with!
    Jon Sliworsky
    Jon S.
    16:23 29 Aug 23
    Fantastic service! Great front end crew, Terra has been wonderful on updates and follow ups. And our Tech Mustapha was a great person to deal with. Very personable and respectful. Would indeed use again and recommend without question.
    Kobachi Alberta
    Kobachi A.
    22:58 26 Aug 23
    Quick and reasonable service! Thank you guys!
    Vimal Gangta
    Vimal G.
    21:05 21 Aug 23
    I had an outstanding experience with Ryan and his team. Their great service and excellent customer support truly stood out. Ryan’s dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction is commendable.
    Nathan B
    Nathan B
    22:33 06 Jun 23
    I have used my share of contractors; I keep going back to Advantage for a reason. They do what they say when they say they will. Bryan has been great to work with. You could do much worse than Advantage. I have always been impressed by the skill set, thoroughness and professionalism. Keep up the good work. I’m always happy to give them a call when we need them.
    Trevor Ducherer
    Trevor D.
    20:44 27 Apr 23
    The team at Advantage Refrigeration Inc have been great to work with. We called these folks when another company mis-diagnosed our walk in freezer. Jerad was able to get it up and running same day where other company told us we would require a replacement freezer (large walk in commercial freezer). Since then Advantage has been our go company for anything we need repaired in our commercial kitchen. Jerad is the tech that has been working with us, and I can’t say enough about him. He is always punctual, professional and makes sure the work is done right the first time. Highly recommend.
    Trappist Solace
    Trappist S.
    08:59 31 Dec 22
    Good stuff
    Don Keith
    Don K.
    03:26 22 Nov 22
    Advantage has been taking care of our home HVAC for many years, providing an annual spring & fall service, as well as other requests. They have always provided great service. Thank you Advantage team.
    Yanjun Wang
    Yanjun W.
    03:17 03 Dec 21
    Mark did a good job on my walk in freezer repair thanks Mark thanks Advantage company When I equipments have problems I will contact advantage again. I give five star to you yan
    Rob Guetre
    Rob G.
    19:07 19 Oct 21
    Really appreciated the determination and creativity of their tech person when he insisted on fixing our old commercial fridge with the only parts that he could find, and succeeding. He could have just told us to scrap it.
    Melody Babin
    Melody B.
    16:29 08 Jun 21
    We have used Advantage for a number of projects at our rental properties. They have always provided excellent, professional service. They complete work on schedule and are easy to communicate with. We would not hesitate to recommend this company to others.
    Scott Davidson
    Scott D.
    17:00 09 Jun 20
    We’ve used Advantage Refrigeration multiple times from repairing our furnace to installing a new hot water heater. Excellent and personal experience from Kelly and his team. Highly recommended!!!
    Dustin Aguilar
    Dustin A.
    15:43 26 May 20
    Kelly Rogers & Advantage Refrigeration have many talents , work ethic , dedication to excellent service with an appetite for success .
    fahreen cap-stone
    fahreen C.
    16:39 08 Apr 20
    Very efficient and experienced crew that will get the job done.
    John R. Jones
    John R. J.
    17:02 06 Apr 20
    I own an electrical contracting company that subcontracts to Advantage Refrigeration Inc. I have worked with them on various projects in the last few years and have found Kelly and his team to be incredibly responsive to the needs of their customers, providing exceptional workmanship, excellent products and very good response times. I have been pleased to work with Advantage as I find that they increase the value of my brand through their attention to detail and knowledgeable team.
    Gary Tomchuk
    Gary T.
    19:55 03 Apr 20
    Superb service and genuinely care about our business!
    Tarek Merhej (VMS)
    Tarek Merhej (.
    18:46 03 Apr 20
    Kelly and his team always go above and beyond to ensure we are being looked after!
    Leanne Jodoin
    Leanne J.
    18:24 03 Apr 20
    Very professional and proficient. We realized our hot water tank stopped working just before bed. Made a phone call first thing in the morning and they were there by 11am. Needed the tank replaced because of a leak but we had hot water again by supper time. 😁 Would highly recommend this company.
    Matt Johnson
    Matt J.
    18:10 03 Apr 20
    Where I work we use Advantage quite regularly as they do quality work. We have never had any problems with them in any regard. Their staff is friendly and professional. I would recommend them to anyone.
    Admin EFS
    Admin E.
    17:54 03 Apr 20
    We have used Advantage for a few of our rental properties. They are great to deal with! We highly recommend them!
    paul curran
    paul C.
    14:35 03 Apr 20
    A very professional company. Always on time always complete the job. I would highly recommend using them.
    Brandon Kallis
    Brandon K.
    21:56 17 Jan 19
    During cold winter weather our furnace had cut out during the evening, leaving us without heat. I called NujeN with somewhat of an after hours emergency. They sent a tech out that same evening and had us up and running within’ a few hours. Overall they were very prompt and professional to deal with. Additionally the tech was very respectful and courteous inside our home. I will continue to use NujeN in the future and highly recommend them to others.
    Lindsay Lenius
    Lindsay L.
    22:31 17 Jul 18
    Service was excellent!! Couldn’t have asked for a more friendly or knowledgable technition. Highly recommend these guys!
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