Advantage Refrigeration’s company commitment to you:

  • We Care
  • We Communicate
  • We’re Qualified

Our commitment to you

At Advantage refrigeration we know that you want equipment that works, the problem is when it doesn’t you feel frustrated and worried that you may lose product and you deserve to be free of that pain!

  1. Advantage Refrigeration’s passion to eliminate roadblocks in HVAC & Refrigeration maintenance for remarkable people
  2. We are committed to ensuring we communicate with our clients, stay up to date and relevant with qualifications and to simply care about you
  3. Finally, we have developed a proven process that allows us to fulfill on our commitments to you

Our experience includes and is not limited to:

  • Restaurants such as McDonald’s, Boston Pizza and Sherlock Homes Pub
  • Data rooms with AMII, DeepMind and ASEBP
  • Property’s operated by companies such as One Properties and NAI Commercial

How we look to be green:

We acknowledge the importance of the environment and what we leave to our children. By continually looking for ways to remove paper from our processes and procedures along with helping clients upgrade to more environmentally friendly refrigerants… we are making a difference for the future environment.

Please, give us a call! We are here to help!


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