The Benefits of Having a Preventative Maintenance Agreement for Your Commercial Walk-In Cooler

When you operate a business that requires you to maintain products at a cold temperature, a walk-in cooler is a must!

But this large and expensive piece of equipment won’t take care of itself during its years of service.

Instead of spending time inspecting and maintaining it yourself, you can take advantage of a preventative maintenance agreement.

These agreements have multiple benefits and will save you time so you can focus on your business!

Extends the Life of Your Walk-In Cooler

Any piece of refrigeration equipment is an expensive necessity when it comes to running your business and walk-in coolers are no exception.

Therefore, you want to ensure that your walk-in cooler lasts as long as possible.

By having your cooler regularly inspected and maintained, you can ensure that they remain reliable and clean to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and health issues.

Plus, when you keep your cooler regularly maintained, you can take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty period as well as extended warranties should the unforeseeable happen.

Improves the Quality and Safety of Your Food

No matter the business you are in, whether you own a restaurant or grocery store, it’s important to deliver safe and high-quality products to your customers.

However, if your cooler is not properly cleaned or well maintained, you place your customers at risk of receiving spoiled food that could be detrimental to their health.

The moist conditions found inside your walk-in cooler create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria such as E Coli, norovirus, salmonella, and botulism.

Keep your customers safe and happy by having your walk-in cooler regularly inspected with a preventative maintenance agreement!

You’ll Save Money

Preventative maintenance agreements for your commercial walk-in cooler will also help you save money!

Regular inspections can catch issues such as loose seals and drain line clogs that can negatively impact the efficiency of your cooler and raise energy costs.

A properly maintained cooler will not have to work as hard to keep your food and products at the correct temperatures.

A maintenance agreement can also pinpoint potential issues before they become expensive repairs – especially emergency repairs.

Plus, when you know your cooler is reaching the end of its lifespan, you can better financially prepare to have it replaced.

Reduces the Risk of Expensive Repairs

Speaking of expensive repairs, the cost of repairs is not the only downfall you may experience. Broken down equipment can lead to lost product and business.

When a professional refrigeration technician regularly inspects your walk-in cooler, they will complete a performance check for any minor issues and perform repairs before it becomes a major problem.

For example, you may not think that a loud cooling fan is a serious concern but it could lead to an expensive repair if it is not addressed. 

Likewise, if your evaporator coils and condenser are not regularly cleaned, they can overheat and lead to premature failure.

How Does a Preventative Maintenance Program Work?

business owner shakes hands with technician

Now that you understand the benefits of having a preventative maintenance agreement for your commercial walk-in cooler, let’s look at how Advantage Refrigeration’s program works:

We create a contract for your business needs and will determine how many inspections will be completed per year as well as how many years the contract will continue.

This is based on a preliminary inspection in which we will note the equipment and mechanical systems that require inspection.

Our preventative maintenance includes:

  • Time-Based Maintenance: Our calendar-based maintenance ensures that your cooler is regularly inspected and maintained throughout the year.
  • Usage-Based Maintenance: Walk-in coolers run 24-7 so it’s important to keep an eye on usage to ensure the equipment continues to operate throughout its lifespan.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Our professional technicians are trained to catch potential issues before they become expensive problems.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Our technicians can also give recommendations to improve the operation of your walk-in cooler.

Once Advantage Refrigeration begins the contract, they will perform maintenance on your walk-cooler and complete any repairs under $500. Any repairs over $500 will require your approval.

Tips for Maintaining Your Walk-In Cooler Between Appointments

Of course, you can best maximize your maintenance agreement by performing simple maintenance tasks between appointments such as:

  • Don’t store things on top of your cooler. The cooler’s ceiling panels can become damaged if you stack items on top of it. Find other areas to store items and keep the top of the cooler clear.
  • Turn off the lights when your walk-in cooler isn’t in use. The lights can produce excessive heat that can affect the internal temperature and cost you more on your energy bill.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals when you clean your walk-in cooler. Certain cleaners can damage the metal surface so it is best to use a combination of soap and water for cleaning.
  • Close the door to your walk-in cooler when not in use and don’t prop it open for extended periods of time.
  • Avoid stacking anything close to the door thermometer-sensing bulb. This can cause false readings.
  • Clean any liquid spills immediately to avoid dangerous slip risks.
  • Check the thermostat daily or at least every week to make sure your cooler is maintaining the proper temperature. 

Otherwise, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your professional refrigeration technician will regularly take care of inspections and cleaning to ensure that your walk-in cooler operates with maximum efficiency!

Let’s Get Started Today!

When your business relies on the quality of your product, especially food, you need a reliable walk-in cooler to best serve your customers.

If your cooler fails, you’re looking at lost business and inventory!

Our team at Advantage Refrigeration is qualified, efficient, and knowledgeable when it comes to regularly maintaining your walk-in cooler. We care about your business and we want to see you succeed!

Contact us today for more information regarding our Preventative Maintenance Programs. You can give us a call at 780-438-2014 or get in touch with us through our website.