What’s Included in a Commercial Kitchen Preventative Maintenance Agreement?

Running a food-related business is no easy feat!

There are a lot of moving parts involved, from the business side of things to employees and kitchen equipment.

In fact, your kitchen equipment is the heart of your business. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to operate.

With extended use, kitchen equipment will wear down over time. The last thing you want is to rush to have broken equipment repaired or replaced.

With a commercial kitchen preventative maintenance agreement, you will never have to worry about this! Keep reading to find out what these agreements include to keep your kitchen up and running:

What is a Commercial Kitchen Preventative Maintenance Agreement?

When you sign up for a maintenance program for your commercial kitchen, you can rest assured that the maintenance and condition of your commercial equipment will be taken care of on a regular basis.

By signing a contract, the refrigeration company will determine how many inspections will be carried out throughout the year as well as how many years the contract will remain in place.

This contract includes a preliminary inspection of your property, where trained refrigeration technicians will take not of the mechanical systems and equipment that will require regular inspection.

There will also be a stipulated cost when it comes to performing repairs. For instance, when it comes to their preventative maintenance agreements, Advantage Refrigeration will complete any repairs under $500 immediately to keep your business operational.

Any repairs above $500 will require your approval before proceeding.

The Advantages of Having a Commercial Kitchen Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Before we get into what a commercial kitchen preventative maintenance agreement includes, let’s look at why you should consider having one for your business.

Having this type of contract, first and foremost, can help you avoid large, expensive, and emergency repairs and reduce any downtime for your business.

Professional refrigeration inspectors will ensure that your equipment is up to manufacturer specifications to ensure optimal performance. 

Commercial kitchen preventative maintenance agreements are also flexible, allowing you to choose what pieces of equipment you want to be covered. You can also choose a payment schedule such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

By having a licensed refrigeration technician regularly inspect your equipment, you don’t have to worry about performing maintenance tasks such as replacing water filtration cartridges, air filters, cleaning coils, and other aspects of your kitchen equipment.

Ultimately, any repairs will be preplanned and you can avoid the high costs of emergency repairs. Your service technician will also let you know if any equipment is coming to the end of its service life so you can financially prepare for its replacement.

What is Included in a Commercial Kitchen Preventative Maintenance Agreement?

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Now that you understand what a commercial kitchen preventative maintenance agreement is and its benefits, let’s look at what this type of contract includes:

Cooking Equipment

A kitchen is not a kitchen without cooking equipment! You can ensure your cooking equipment operates at maximum capacity by having it regularly inspected by a professional.

Your service technician will perform the following tasks when it comes to your cooking equipment:

  • Inspect for leaks
  • Inspect safety and electrical devices
  • Check gas equipment
  • Clean burners
  • Inspect doors, gaskets, and latches
  • Calibrate thermostats
  • Test the operation of your equipment

Steam Equipment

Cooking with steam is an efficient method of cooking nutritious foods. When it comes to maintaining your commercial kitchen, you will want to have these pieces of equipment inspected as well.

A preventative maintenance contract will include the following tasks:

  • Boiler descaling
  • Door gasket and latch inspection
  • Coldwater condenser testing
  • Element amperage recording
  • Cleaning and inspecting of the cooling fan

Combination (Combi) Ovens

This versatile piece of kitchen equipment can poach, steam, grill, bake, smoke, and more! These powerful ovens are one of the most expensive pieces of kitchen equipment so it’s important that you keep yours in good shape!

A professional service technician will perform the following tasks for your combi oven:

  • Descale the steam generator
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Inspect system operations and temperatures
  • Inspect and clean the blower wheel
  • Inspect all doors, gaskets, and latches
  • Inspect and change filters as needed
  • Inspect mechanical parts for wear and lubricate as needed

Refrigeration Equipment

Properly working refrigeration equipment is a must for keeping your food and your customers healthy. Broken refrigeration equipment can mean significant downtime for your business.

Having a preventative maintenance contract will ensure that the following tasks are completed on a regular basis:

  • Clean coils and condensers
  • Check and record temperatures
  • Inspect and clean the fan and evaporator
  • Inspect door hardware and gaskets

Ice Machines

Ice machines do more than keep your customer’s drinks cold! They are also important when it comes to proper food storage.

To keep your ice machines in good working condition, the following maintenance tasks should be performed regularly:

  • Clean coils and condensers
  • Clean and sanitize
  • Inspect and change filters as needed

Dishwashing Equipment

In the food business, dishwashing equipment eliminates the need to wash dishes manually. Properly operating dishwashing equipment means that your employees don’t have to take the time to wash large quantities of plates, utensils, cups, and pots.

Keep your dishwashing equipment in good shape by having a commercial kitchen preventative maintenance agreement cover the following tasks:

  • Adjust thermostat for proper temperature
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Check the O-ring and drain seat
  • Clean pump intake screen
  • Inspect water flow through the rinse nozzles

Improve the Efficiency and Revenue of Your Business!

Regular maintenance is key to reducing costs and improving your customer’s experience when it comes to your business.

With Advantage Refrigeration’s Preventative Maintenance Program, you can enjoy priority booking so we can be there as soon as you need us! 

We also offer reduced premium hourly rates so, if something unexpected happens after hours, you won’t have to worry about overtime costs.

To sign up for our Preventative Maintenance Program, give us a call at 780-438-2014 or contact us online.

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